PC Premium versus PC Basic

ProfitClicking Premium Ad Packages vs Basic Ad Packages
The Similarities

Each Premium Advertising Package sells at a cost of $10. In addition to the benefits received from providing your website(s) with powerful advertising, you will also enjoy daily sales profits on each package for a minimum of 50 days. 
You are allowed to buy up to 1,000 ad packages per hour and up to 5,000 ad packages per day.

The Premium System will have Gift Cards, with all the same features as the Basic Ad Package System.

Sponsors earn 10% and 5% on 2 Levels of Referrals.

Members will receive up to 30 cents per day for each Premium Ad Package they purchase, until expiration or, in some cases, a Profit Shift occurs. Every fourth Premium Ad Package that expires equals one Premium Panel, worth up to $60 when completed.

Members must view advertising of other members to be eligible for the Daily Sales Profits.

Only what has been earned can be withdrawn, at a minimum of $20, choosing up to 5 pay processors.

The Differences

Members who have never received $10 Basic Test Drive will be eligible to receive the Free $10 Premium Test Drive in the Premium Ad Package System.

Members will see their Daily Sales Profits in the Premium Ad Package account balance every single day, given they have viewed the required 3 websites per day, as we expect to have no technical restrictions, especially for the first several months.

Premium Panels will most likely fill rather quickly, paying out immediate rebates of up to $60, due to the Premium Panel System being fresh and new - Premium Panels will not be available for purchase at launch.

Up to 20% of your Basic Ad Package balance (Wallet combined with Gift Card) balance can be used to purchase Premium Ad Packages. The remaining funding is required to originate from one or more of the five pay processors. Premium Ad Packages must be purchased with the funds in the Premium Wallet. 

The Premium System will allow withdrawals of up to $1000 per pay processor, per day. That is $5000 PER DAY, paid out in just 24-48 hours!!!! No Buckets! No Queues! No Delays! Try it!

NOTE: You must fund the Premium Wallet to take advantage of both the Premium Ad Package system's 30 cents per day, 7 days per week Daily Sales Profits and the 24-48 hour $5000 per day withdrawals.

Upgrading to Level 1 is not necessary at this time to participate in the Premium System.

Basic Ad Packages will continue to earn, expire and create PC Panels, as usual, running parallel with the Premium Ad Package system. You should buy Basic Ad Packages whenever you have earned $10 increments to build your Basic Ad Package account.

By running both Ad Package Systems simultaneously, the intention is to create a balancing effect, which will speed up withdrawals, while increasing the allowable limits in the Basic Ad Package system. 

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