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4. SolidTrust Pay

Creating a SolidTrust Pay Account

To create a SolidTrust Pay account: 
  • Click on the SolidTrust Pay icon above
  • Click on the 'Sign Up Now' link under Personal Accounts
  • Fill in all the requested information, make careful note of your passwords and security question, and submit using the 'Sign Up' button
  • Click on the link in the confirmation email you receive and log into your account
SolidTrust Pay also offers the STPay TrustCard, which is designed to eliminate credit card and bank account fraud. With identity theft and credit/bank fraud on the rise around the world, SolidTrust Pay created their own unique solution to eliminate these fraud types. There are additional benefits to having the TrustCard such as shorter processing times for adding or withdrawing funds, and full access to editing your profile information. The card has a one time cost of $30.

Adding Funds to your SolidTrust Pay Account

To fund, first add your bank account or credit card details by accessing 'My Bank and Cards' in the menu. Alternatively, you can fund via cheque, money order or bank draft.
For Bank Accounts:
  • Complete and submit the Banking Information Form
  • You will also need to upload or email an Authorization Agreement which when processed will change your status to BANK VERIFIED if you are also STANDARD VERIFIED (ID and address confirmed)
  • Prior to the completion of Bank Authorization (which can take 7 days), you can fund up to $250US per day using the ECheque Online option in the My Money / DEPOSIT section
For Credit Cards:
  • Complete and submit the Card Authorization Form and follow the instructions given
  • Once you have submitted a small incoming deposit ($5US) and it has been processed, your status will be upgraded to CREDIT CARD VERIFIED
Next, click 'DEPOSIT $$ into account' under 'My Money' in the menu and select currency and amount to be added to your account. You can then choose BANK OPTIONS, CARD OPTIONS or OTHER OPTIONS (cheque, money order or bank draft) as the funding source. Enter your secondary password and click 'Continue'.
How long does it take to add funds?
  • ACH/EFT Bank Transfer = 3-5 business days
  • Bank Wire = 2-5 business days
  • ECheque Online = 5 business days
  • Credit/Debit Card = instant for TrustCard members, otherwise up to 24 hours
  • Cheque/Money Order/Bank Draft = 4-15 business days

Withdrawing Funds from your SolidTrust Pay Account

You cannot withdraw from SolidTrustPay (except by check) unless you are Credit Card, Standard or Bank Account Verified. If you are Credit Card Verified, you can withdraw $500 a day or $999 a day if you are also Standard Verified. If you are Bank Account Verified, you can withdraw up to $10,000 per day.
Standard Verification:
  • Click on 'Verify/Upgrade My Account' under 'My Verifications' in the menu. Submit a copy of your drivers' license, passport or other state ID with picture, and address confirmation by upload or email.
Once Verified you can withdraw money from your STP account. Simply click 'WITHDRAW $$ from account' under 'My Money' in the menu and select currency and amount desired. You can then choose the withdrawal destination, e.g. Bank or Credit Card. Enter your secondary password and click 'Continue'.
How long does it take to withdraw funds?
  • ACH/EFT Bank Transfer = 3 or 5 business days
  • Bank Wire = 3 or 5 business days
  • Credit Cards = 3 or 5 business days
  • (for above, within 3 days for TrustCard members, otherwise 5 days)

Funding and Withdrawing from your Profit Clicking Account

Once you have your SolidTrust Pay account set up, you can add it to the list of Payment Processors in your Profit Clicking Profile. You are now ready to move funds into your Ad Packages Account, which serves as the eWallet of the Profit Clicking system. Please note that your Ad Packages account may be funded with anyone's Payment Processor, but withdrawals can only be made to your personal account, which you have registered in your Profile. Also, please ensure that you have funded using the processor you are requesting a withdrawal to at least once in order to avoid security delays.

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