Durabilitate PC Basic

E durabila afacerea ProfitClicking?

Combinatia AD PACKAGES /PC PANELS este durabila pe timp nelimitat datorita structurii programului impreuna cu asa numitul Restart.
 Restartul permite programului ProfitClicking sa ia datoriile si sa le transforme in profit si in acelasi timp permite membrilor sa-si pastreze profitul.
Voi explica mai multe despre Restart in continuare, dar mai intai voi explica cum functioneaza matricea PC PANELS.  
PC PANELS este o matrice fortata 2X2. Acest lucru (matrice fortata) inseamna ca se completeaza automat. Fiecare astfel de matrice costa 20$ si are 6 pozitii sub ea. Cand aceste 6 pozitii se completeaza de alti membri, matricea cicleaza si iti plateste 60$. Deci profitul pentru o matrice PC PANELS poate fi de  $40.
Programul PC PANELS permite membrilor sa castige venit pasiv prin cumpararea de matrici, care sunt automat umplute de catre sistem si astfel nu mai e nevoie de sponsorizarea altora in afacerea ProfitClicking.
Insa ai si posibilitatea sa cumperi pozitii in matricea ta, pentru ca aceasta sa se umple mai repede sau sa sponsorizezi pe altii pentru a umple mai repede acele pozitii.
In plus, daca participi si la AD PACKAGES si esti upgradat la nivelul 1, vei primi gratis 1 pozitie PC PANELS la fiecare 4 pozitii expirate din AD PACKAGES. Upgradarea la nivelul 1 costa 10$/ luna si nu este necesara decat in momentul in care vei primii pozitii in matricea PC PANELS.  
Transformarea constanta a pozitiilor AD PACKAGES in pozitii PC PANELS produce umplerea automata de catre sistem a pozitiilor din matricea PC PANELS.
Diferenta fundamentala dintre AD PACKAGES si PC PANELS consta in faptul ca afacerea ProfitClicking are datorii prin plata castigurilor zilnice pentru fiecare pozitie din AD PACKAGES, dar are si profit din matricile PC PANELS, care costa 20$ fiecare.
Programul PC PANELS produce profit pentru companie si profit pentru membrii, in timp ce  programul AD PACKAGES produce profit pentru membrii si datorii pentru companie.
Motivul pentru care acest program este functional pe timp nelimitat este faptul caProfitClicking a gasit o modalitate prin care transforma datoriile companiei in profit platind in acelasi timp si profiturile membrilor.
Cand compania ajunge la punctul in care nu mai poate sustine platile zilnice, atunci intervine Restartul.
Restartul transforma o parte din pozitiile AD PACKAGES in  pozitii PC PANELS, o parte in bani, iar o parte raman pozitii AD PACKAGES.
Restartul poate fi aplicat in orice moment, cand compania il considera necesar. Momentan, este estimat ca se va face aproximativ, o data la 3 luni.
Ceea ce trebuie sa retinem este faptul ca in momentul in care este aplicat Restartul, nici un membru nu-si va pierde profitul pe care l-a castigat in program.
Castigurile zilnice din AD PACKAGES vor scadea, dar membrii vor avea mai mult profit din PC PANELS. Dupa Restart in general, castigurile per total vor creste deoarece fiecare pozitie PC PANELS plateste 60$ cand cicleaza si astfel valoreaza mai mult decat o pozitie din AD PACKAGES.
In concluzie recomand cu incredere acest program pentru oricine doreste sa castige bani online sau sa-si mareasca veniturile.
Afacerea ProfitClicking iti ofera posibilitatea de a-ti construi un venit pasiv substantial, care sa-ti ofere viata pe care ti-o doresti.

ProfitShift (which was previously known as a Restart) is the name given to a process where some of your ad-package positions are converted into matrix positions. This is done automatically by the profit clicking staff.
Imagine if you have 300 ad-package positions and you are reinvesting every day to keep building those positions in order to have a higher income. Suddenly, a profitshift is announced by the company. The following week, half of your ad-package positions have disappeared and you are left with only 150 positions.

What just happened?

The profit clicking company took half of your positions and converted them into matrix positions. So now you have 150 ad-packages left but you have just gained 150 matrix positions.
But what about all those ad-package positions that you were building? You spent all that time and energy buying and re-investing to build up your income. What about that?
It’s very frustrating having some of your ad-package positions snatched away from you like that. This is the reason many people get upset and start venting their frustrations on blogs and forums. All their hard work and effort just cut back. You take 2 steps forward and 1 step back every time a profitshift occurs. It’s like trying to climb an escalator which is coming down.
It’s true. You do have to rebuild some of your ad-package positions which can take a few weeks, but you keep the money you have made up until the profitshift. Whatever money has dropped into your account is yours to keep. They can’t take that away.
But those ad-package positions that you lost are now working away for you in a different area of the program. So you haven’t lost any money per say, rather, the money has just been transferred over to the matrix. The matrix can pay you sooner or later than a ad-package, depending on how you deal with it. But in all probability, it will be a bit later.
Many people don’t really understand what happens. They don’t realize that they actually make a bit more money as a result of a profitshift.
When ad-package positions are converted into matrix positions, the company gives you a few more matrix positions than the amount of converted ad-package positions. So if you had 150 ad-package positions converted into matrix positions, you would get 150 matrix positions plus a few more (maybe even double) to compensate you for the trouble in losing the ad-package positions. This is the reason you end up with more money as a result of the profitshift.
When a profitshift occurs, the company generally converts between 10-50% of the total number of ad-package positions you have. It depends on the number of positions you have and your account size.
Of course, they do consider people who have just started out and those that bought positions just before the profitshift announcement. The profitshift doesn’t affect those people or positions.
Another good thing about the profitshift is, if you have some existing positions inside the matrix before the profitshift, they will cycle much faster after the profitshift because many of your empty slots will be filled quickly.
So here’s the big question. Why does a profitshift take place? Would would they just go and convert some of your ad-package positions into matrix positions without your permission?
The answer is: To keep the program running and to ensure its continuing success.
So how does converting positions from ad-package positions to matrix positions help ensure the survival of the program?
Here’s How: The profit clicking program boasts “indefinite sustainability“. This means that there’s no way the program can go down by virtue of its structure and payment plan.
In the past, many, many companies have gone down. When their cashflow turned negative, the owner of the program closed the doors and ran with the money.
You may recognize some of the programs that have been shut down before…
  • Prosperity Automated System
  • StockGeneration
  • Life Club
  • Big International
  • Crystal Capstone
  • Reality Millions
  • 12 Daily Pro
  • Mega Lido
  • ConShares
  • Studio Traffic
  • Ad-Ventures 4U
The same thing could have happened with Profit Clicking if it wasn’t for theProfitShift Feature. The profitshift feature keeps the system from becoming negative and introduces extra money back into the program.
Let’s work it out. There are 6 spots under you within the matrix. Each one of those spots is worth $20. That equals a total of $120, plus your own $20 position. The total amount of money in one matrix is therefore $140. But the company only pays out $60 to you and therefore, they are left with the remaining $80 in reserve.
So the company always makes a bunch of money from each filled matrix. Therefore, when things are becoming negative, they simply transfer people to the matrix system knowing that there is a lot of money in it for the company. This helps keep the system sustainable and running because the money keeps coming in. The company knows that the more positions there are in the matrix, the more money is in it for them.
This is why, when things get tough, they announce a profitshift and transfer some ad-package positions (liability) into matrix positions (positive cashflow). This is how they can claim indefinite sustainability.
They have even patented the system as it is one-of-a-kind which actually works.
When the company converts your ad-package positions into PC-Panel positions within the matrix, it’s highly advantageous to start buying placements and premiums for your PC Panels.
You will also benefit by buying more ad-package positions because your expired ad-package positions will go on to fill the matrixes you got as a result of the profitshift.
Profitshifts occur every 3-6 months, so do expect it from the very beginning. Just know, it’s not such a bad thing because it puts more money in your pocket although it may take you longer to get it. But, nobody inside profit clicking is in it for the short term anyway. We’re all in it for the long term, so waiting for a while longer is no big deal.
Before you start profit clicking, enter with a mindset where you know and expect profitshifts to come along every few months and take a few of your positions away. Also realize that you will make a bit more money as a result, even though you will wait longer for it.
There are some other details connected with the profitshift which are just supplementary points. I’ll give you a link to these additional points after you claim your free $10 when joining.
That’s all there is to a profitshift. Now you know exactly what happens and why some people like to vent their frustrations when a profitshift occurs.
Get in touch with me via Skype or email if you have any pre-joining questions.

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