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Basic Ad Packages

I assume you have read the basics of the system on the profit clicking home page. If not, read that first.
Here, I’ll discuss the first of the 3 part profit clicking program – the Ad-Packagesystem (previously called the Tripler System).
As you know, to make money with profit clicking, you don’t need to do any type of marketing or sponsoring. You don’t need to do any work at all until the company makes it mandatory to view a few websites every week.
The only real work you need to do is to manually reinvest your money, by logging in to your profit clicking account and clicking a few buttons. But even this is set to become automated soon.
Profit Clicking is not really a short term system. The whole idea behind it is to make your money grow. If you just dump $1000 into the ad-package system and wait for 88 days, you’ll get $1500 back. No big deal right?
But if  you dump $1000 into the system and use the re-investment strategy for a year, you’ll be earning around $1200 EVERY SINGLE DAY (weekday).
For the majority of people, this is a life changing amount of money and enough to retire on.
In your back office, you’ll find 2 accounts, one for PC Panels (The Matrix) and the other for Ad Packages.
When you fund your account, the money will always go into a temporary place known as the eWallet. To start making money with the ad-package system you need to transfer the money from the eWallet into the ad-package account. It’s only a couple of clicks.
When you notice the money sitting in your ad-package account, you’re ready to start making a real living.
Simply buy as many ad-package positions as your funds will allow you. Each position costs $10. Remember, when you buy positions, you are actually buying theadvertising credits product. Use that product at your leisure if you want to. If you don’t want to use it, let me know and I’ll give you my URL to put in there.
Anyway, let’s say you have put $300 in your account. This will allow you to buy 30 positions at $10 each.
That’s $300 working for you on a daily basis and giving you 2% every weekday (and 1% on the weekends). Every weekday, you’ll be making $6.
Don’t get discouraged by looking at the $6 figure. It’s just a start to your early retirement.
If you are making $6 a day from the beginning, then you should have $12 within 2 days of starting. This means you now have an extra $10 which will allow you to buy another position.
What’s the purpose of buying another position?
If you buy that extra position, you’ll now have 31 positions all working away for you earning 2% daily on that figure of $310, which is earning $6.20 (per day) now.
In fact, if you continued to buy a new position every-time you made $10 (or multiples of 10), in 60 days, you would have a total of 88 positions, all working away for you. You’d be earning about $15 a day at that point.
After one year, you’d be earning about $410 every weekday!
As long as you understand this much, you already know how the ad-package system works within the profit clicking program. There’s nothing more to the mechanics of the system than what I have just explained.
The main strategy is to keep reinvesting. Without this action, sure, you’ll make a bit of money after 88 days, but it’s not really worth the time. The power of the system lies in re-investing the profits.
Sooner or later, if you keep reinvesting some or all of your profits, you’ll be earning$1000 a day. When you are at the point where you are happy with your daily income, I’d recommend you take out 20% every so often while leaving the rest in there to keep growing the number of positions (thereby giving you an even higher daily return).
The 2% you receive is the profit shared by the company. The company pays 1% on the weekends. The company makes its money by selling info products and advertising.
You already know that if you put some money into the system and do nothing with it (no re-investing), you’ll simply get 1.5 times your money back after 88 days.
If you are able to spend $15 on a subscription every 3 months, you’ll be able to make some extra money for no additional work.
Here’s how this works…
When you pay your $15 quarterly subscription, you now become eligible to make money from PC Panels (the matrix). Here’s one way to enter the matrix and make some money…
When you have a number of ad-package positions making money for you and then expiring after 88 days, every 4th expired ad-package position will enter the matrix and become one new PC Panel position, all ready and geared up to make some money over there.
Have a look at the diagram below to see what I mean:
The area above the top horizontal line is the matrix. The area below the top horizontal line is the ad-package system.
Start at the bottom horizontal line. Consider that line to represent today where you have bought 4 positions.
Each of those positions will go on to make you money over a period of 88 days. We’re not considering re-investments in this diagram. We’re just looking at 4 simple positions working for you over 88 days.
After 88 days, all 4 positions pay out 1.5 x $10 each = $60 and then expire. After the position has expired, that’s the end of it and it disappears into thin air.
But, every 4th position does something extra after expiring. It breaks through into the matrix area and becomes a position there. A new position in the matrix area is worth $20.
I’ll explain how the matrix works in the next lesson, but for now you should know that a quarter of your expired positions will go on and create more money for you by crashing through the ad-package barrier directly into the matrix arena and thengetting to work for you over there.
All this, is providing you have paid your $15 quarterly subscription of course. You also get a info product and the ability to purchase advertising credits within the matrix, in return for your $15.

Now that you know how the ad-package will make you thousands upon thousands of dollars, that should be enough reason to get started with funding your account. The matrix is just a bonus to this system and is not really needed, but it’s there for a necessary reason which I’ll explain at the appropriate place.
When you sign up with a profit clicking account, you are actually given 2 accounts. One account is for the ad-package system and the other is for the Matrix, known simply as the PC Panel account. When you put money into the program, the money goes in to the eWallet  (not the ad-package or PC Panel account directly). So, you need to transfer the money into the ad-package account with the click of a button and then you will be able to buy positions (advertising credits).
To fund your eWallet, the profit clicking company uses several processors to facilitate this process. The same processors are used to withdraw money from the system. Some processors used are:
SolidTrust Pay (STP), Liberty Reserve, EgoPay and Perfect Money. They don’t use Paypal.
First of all, create a profit clicking account here. Once your account is set up, you now need to get some money in there. Remember, the recommended amount is over $500.
So, to fund your eWallet, sign up with a processor – say SolidTrust Pay ( and then add some money in there via your bank or credit card. Once the money is in there, you will be able to transfer it easily to the Profit Clicking account you created in the previous step.
Once you’ve bought some positions (advertising credits), you can watch your account grow as you get paid every day.
That’s as easy as it gets to get started with the profit clicking program. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. My details are on the sidebar.
Now that we have completed the ad-package lesson, let’s move on to learn more about the matrix and how it works.
Basic PC Panels

The matrix has 2 names. It’s known as The Matrix as well as the PC Panel system.
I will refer to it as the matrix from here onwards. The matrix is an additional source of income and can be very lucrative.
There are 3 ways to enter the matrix and start earning. We have already talked about entering the matrix via your expired ad-package positions (every 4th one) in the previous lesson. That’s one way.
The second way to enter the matrix is to simply buy a position within the matrix in the same way you would buy a ad-package position.
The third way to enter the matrix is with a profitshift. I’ve dedicated a special page to explaining the profitshift feature so we wont discuss that on this page.
For now, you should know that the first 2 methods of entering the matrix are the most common. Whichever way you get in, you’re in and you can start earning.
If you entered the matrix via an expired ad-package position, then you’ve just got yourself a position within the matrix for free. But if you enter the matrix by buying a position, then this position will cost you $20.
When you acquire a position within the matrix, you have just bought yourself a product. Again, just as with a ad-package, the product is advertising credits.
Use the product as you wish, to advertise your own website (if you have one).
Ok, so how can the matrix benefit you?
A position in the matrix is worth $20 (if you bought it) or $0.00 if you got in via an expired ad-package. The aim of the game is to turn that position into $60. Once it becomes $60, the company will pay you your $60 and that position will expire.
So, if you bought 200 positions within the matrix for $20 each (cost $4000), each position will spit out $60 when you have played the game. The total payout would be $60 X 200 = $12,000. This is a total profit of $8000. This applies if you bought all those positions. If you enter for free (via expired ad-packages), then the profit will be much higher.
To understand how the matrix works, you need to memorize the diagram below.
A matrix consists of a total of 6 spots under you.
At the top, there is you and your position. Under you, there are 2 spots which are positioned on the first level and are therefore given the title of Level 1.
On the 2nd level, there are 4 spots, from 3 to 6. You can see that spot 1 is connected with positions 3 and 4 while spot 2 is connected with positions 5 and 6.
To get $60, all 6 spots have to be filled by positions, either with your own or someone elses. Once that happens, the whole matrix is said to have cycled and you become the owner of that matrix and therefore given your $60. After that, your matrix disappears into thin air.
New Term: All 6 spots filled = Cycled
So you could start a matrix by having one of your expired ad-packages come into the matrix or you could buy a position and you will be at the head of 6 empty spots under you.
Now you just have to wait until all 6 spots are filled and then you will be paid. That’s all you have to do to get paid - just wait!
If you do nothing, then each matrix will take about 2 years to fill. If you speed it up, it takes on average 2-3 months for all 6 spots to fill.
For most people, waiting 2-3 months or even 2 years  is no big deal, especially when they own hundreds of positions within the matrix. Each will pay on its own time and you will continue to get money every day due to some of your matrixes cycling every day.
Now you could let that be the end of it and just wait 2 years for each of your matrixes to cycle. But you can also make the matrix cycle faster if you are willing to sacrifice some of your profits.
Here is how it works…
Let’s say you have an empty matrix. All spots on level 1 and level 2 are empty.
You know that there are 2 spots on level 1 – Spots 1 & 2. For these two spots, you are able to buy something called an accelerator. This means, you will get those spots filled quicker. Each accelerator costs $5.
After you have bought accelerators for these two spots, you can upgrade these toturbo or nitro. This will make them fill even faster than with a placement alone. Turbo costs $2.50 and nitro costs $5 each. Turbo speeds up the cycle time but nitro makes it go even faster.
So, to get an accelerator and nitro in spots 1 & 2, the total cost would be $20.
Therefore, you will lose $20 when collecting your $60 profit.
What I have explained here is just a superficial overview. There are many intricacies and other things which can affect your matrix, thereby making you more money.
Once you’ve joined the profit clicking system, I’ll give you a link to the full explanation. You can study the intricate mechanics of the matrix and how it can make you more money.
Now you understand how the ad-package system works and how the Matrix or PC Panel system works.
Let’s proceed to talk about the referral part of the program…
Refferal System

The Profit Clicking referral system is one of the most interesting commission plans I have come across. The reason I say this is because you can make thousands of dollars from just one person you refer!
Now let’s say you refer 20-30 people. How much will that make you?
The Profit Clicking company states that they will pay you 10% of all your referral’s purchases, and they will also pay you 5% of all their referrals (referral’s referral – i.e. 2nd level) purchases.
When you hear figures of 5% and 10%, it doesn’t make much sense and it doesn’t spark any interest. But when you put it into dollar terms, it becomes a lot clearer.
Side Note: When you wish to refer someone, simply talk to them (either online or offline) and explain the benefits of the profit clicking system. When they are ready to sign up, simply give them your affiliate link to use while signing up. This way, they will be counted as your referral. Your affiliate link is available to you inside your members area.
So if you are paid 10%, how much money do you really make? Well, if your referral buys 1 position, they have just paid $10. You get 10% of that, which is $1. No big deal right?
But nobody buys just one position and sits on his rear waiting for a miracle to happen. Initially, people tend to buy an absolute minimum of at least 10 positions. That’s $10 for you as the referrer.
If he buys 50 positions, that’s $50 for you – enough to buy 5 new positions for yourself.
Then, when he starts reinvesting and continues to buy positions through his lifetime, every transaction will include multiple positions. Maybe even hundreds or thousands. As a result, you would make hundreds or thousands of dollars for each one of his transactions.
In fact, he’ll be buying positions on a daily basis to keep his business going. You’ll be profiting from his buying efforts with no additional work of your own.
All this is from just one referral. As a minimum, I would say that you refer 20 people. Make that your goal and don’t rest until you have reached your goal. Imagine the income when each one of your 20 referrals buys hundreds of positions on a daily basis! You should use all that money to buy more positions for yourself. It willskyrocket your earnings into the stratosphere!
Of course, you don’t have to refer anybody if you don’t want to, but talking to someone about your involvement with Profit Clicking is a small price to pay formassive paydays in the future.
You also receive 5% from your referral’s referral. This equates to 0.50c for every position he buys.
Let’s say you referred Sam who referred Kim. Whenever Kim buys a position (which could be multiple positions every day), you will earn half of what you were earning with your direct referral. This can also add up over time.
This is a two-tier commission plan from referrals. It’s very lucrative and I highly recommend you refer people, even though you don’t have to.
That’s all there is to the referral system.
Before we move on to the next lesson, I’d like you to consider the following scenario…
You spoke with a friend of yours casually (let’s call him “Barrack”) and told him how you were making money every day from a program called Profit Clicking. He became inquisitive and asked you about it some more. So you explained to him how it works and found out that he expressed an interest to join. So you got his email address and emailed him your affiliate link, reminding him a little of how it works.
Barrack now checks his email and clicks on your link. He is taken to the Profit Clicking website where he proceeds to sign up.
He looks around the back office and figures out how to put money into the system. He understands the potential and puts in $1000 to start. He uses that grand to buy 100 positions.
As soon as he buys the positions, you will receive $100 in your account because you are entitled to $1 for every position he buys.
The next day, Barrack realizes that he has made $20 profit already, so he uses that profit to buy 2 extra positions. You will now receive $2 in your account as a result ofthat transaction.
As each day passes, Barrack will receive more and more profit in his account and will reinvest that to buy more positions. Every time he does that (every day), you will receive a cut of that.
After 10-12 months have passed, Barrack will be buying hundreds of position every day from his profits. This means, you will be making hundreds of dollars every day as a result of his daily transactions at that time.
All this money is a result of the casual chat you had with him in the first place. Barrack is so happy, he now believes he can do anything and he starts claiming he is the president of the country!
How many friends can you do this with?
How many unknown people can you do this with online or through msn/skype?
Join under me and I’ll teach you how to blow your referral rate out of the water.

In the meantime, let’s proceed on to the next lesson: ProfitShifts
Gift Cards

Profit Clicking Gift Card – Profit Clicking Releases Another Awesome Tool

Profit Clicking Gift Card!!  When will they stop?  Profit Clicking just keeps getting better and better.  Almost every other day it seems; new innovations are released that make the member experience and earning potential at Profit Clicking so much better. 

The latest of these innovations is the Profit Clicking Gift Card.  With the company already listed at the number 227 position on the Alexa Global Website Rankings and within the top 50 websites for some specific countries.  This new innovation will only serve to move it even further up the rankings.  An enviable position for any business when you consider the fact that there were over 366,800,000 live websites on the internet back in 2011 and undoubtedly many millions more today in 2013.  Interested in Profit Clicking?  Click to become a Member…

So What is the Profit Clicking Gift Card?

A few days ago (on the 31 January 2013) the company officially announced the Profit Clicking Gift Card, known as  the Gift Card System (GCS).  The system will allow each member of Profit Clicking the ability to offer to other members (whether the member is affiliated to them or not) an incentive to put their business into motion by giving them a gift that they can then use to purchase PC Ad Packages, PC Panels, etc. which will in effect give their business a  boost.

The GCS system has some major advantages over the initial”gift” of $ 10 which is given by Profit Clicking when each new member is recorded in the system.  First of all that $10 given to the new member is eventually withdrawn from the members account as payment for the loan that was granted by Profit Clicking. While in the case of the GCS gifts, this money is offered from member to member.  With this new innovation members can now easily help their family members, friends, downlines etc to build up their accounts if they need to.  A person can now also offer a reluctant referral the opportunity to see significant increases in their Daily Sales Commissions therefore proving without a doubt what we members already know.  That the Profit Clicking system unsurpassed by anything available out there on the internet.

Where Can I Find The Profit Clicking Gift Card   

To find the Gift Card please log in to your Profit Clicking account.  On your “Dashboard” there will be a link clearly marked Gift Card on the left side to access the various options of this new functionality.  There is also an image on the right side that will flash when you have received a Profit Clicking Gift Card from another member. 

Important Note…

When you are sending a gift card to another member please make sure that the email address you enter for that member you want to send the card to is correct as the money you spend on these cards is non refundable.

The company reports that already there have been several millions of dollars worth of gift cards that have been used worldwide to assist members.  At least one member has even received a gift card for a whopping $1000.00  

That’s it.  Now you can go out and begin to experience the joy of giving with these new Profit Clicking Gift Cards. 

*Yes that initial $10 received by new members is actually a loan that is recovered when the account has earned $10 in commissions.  Leaving the member to earn a further $5 in commissions between that time and the time of the expiration of the ad pack.

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