Ce este PC Premium

The working of the system is the same as you will read in “ProfitClicking – Basic”. However there is a difference in the percentage you earn from each ad package and also the withdrawal limit. I will list down only the difference between the Basic and Premium system below. You can choose whether to work with Premium or Basic or both.
Ad Package earnings:-
Basic: 2% (Mon-Fri), 1% (Sat-Sun)
Premium: 3% (7 days a week)
Earnings Days:-
Basic: 81 days (Till you reach 150% of $10)
Premium: 50 days (Till you reach 150% of $10)
Minimum Withdrawal:-Basic: $20
Premium: $20
Maximum Withdrawal:-
Basic: $100 per payment processor per day (i.e $500 per day)
Premium: $1,000 per payment processor per day (i.e $5,000 per day)
Withdrawal Processing:-
Basic: Processed through “Bucket” and “Queue” system
Premium: Processed with 24-48 hours (No “Bucket” or “Queue” system)
Important to Understand:
Members who have funds available in the basic wallet can use 20% of the same for purchase of premium ad packs if you add new funds in the premium wallet.
Example: On every $8 you get from external funds or earn daily sales commission or earn commission from referrals, then you will be able to use $2 from your basic wallet for purchase of premium ad packs which earns you 3% daily.
I hope you are clear on how both the “Basic” and “Premium” system function. If you have further questions, you can get in touch with me via the contact page.
So if you are already a member of ProfitClicking and not used the premium system, try it today, it really works as promised. If you are new  to ProfitClicking. don’t delay, don’t second guess.
This company is here to stay for long term with the highest money making system ever available on the internet.

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